AMC Bridge Campus: developer’s story

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems possesses a constantly expanding partnership. Recently, it has been enriched by the AMC Bridge company. This year our series of webinars for applicants, students and lecturers was started with the presentation of the new partner of the Department. The presentation was followed by the story of the company’s employee Dmytro Untilov about his way from a Trainee position at AMC Bridge Campus to position of a Team Leader at the customer project.

Several important topics were covered in this first joint event:

  • What kind of projects are developed at AMC Bridge?
  • How does the internship process look like?
  • What knowledge and skills should be possessed by applicants in order to join the AMC Bridge team?

The one-and-a-half-hour conversation ended with a sponsored by AMC Bridge prize drawing among the registered participants of the meeting.

The Department wishes to thank the AMC Bridge company and especially Yuliya Starikova and Dmytro Untilov for the interesting and informative meeting.

To be continued…

Meeting Screenshot 1

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